You are entering the court of Her Grace

The Mad Queen

and her courtiers


About Her Grace

Everybody Has a Story

The Theory

If evolutionists and anthropologists are to be believed, authentic femme-dommes are rare and biologically anomalous creatures. Owing to their brute strength, males have, for time immemorial, enjoyed their monopoly over worship and gratification.
Many women celebrate and even embrace their subjugated sexual place. Some because they receive immense pleasure in the surrender of control; others because they have resigned themselves to their underling roles. Every now and then however, from within the burgeoning mass of pink, pouting cheerleaders and second-class embracers, emerges a woman that seems to have soaked up the power and ego tossed aside by the 98% of their gender.
Perhaps true femme-domme is where feminine prowess and narcissism meet to create a crueller and more deadly power than any human possessed of a penis could ever hope to wield.

Rules of Approach

A queen is respectfully addressed as ‘Your Grace’.
Attempts to make contact with The Mad Queen which do not use the correct mode of address will be overlooked.
Failure to use the correct salutation in person will result in immediate punishment.

What you can expect

I am accomplished, yet truly unhinged. My high IQ along with a functional level of ADHD have rendered me an erratic and whimsical ruler.
Will you be permitted to cum this week? That may depend upon an arbitrary roll of my dice.
I do not parade around in slutty red lipstick with a make-believe whip. I will intimidate and humiliate you with my confidence and intelligence. If you make it into my private space I will ruthlessly use you for my entertainment.
I do not dominate men for money alone, and so if I do not find the idea of your submission gratifying for its own sake I will send you on your way to look for a more ‘suitable’ owner.
Do contact me for a copy of my ‘Slave Protocols’. These will familiarise you with what to expect.
Messages from those dreaming of dominating me will be flatly ignored. I cannot be dominated by persons inferior to myself; and that group, gentleman, includes all of you I’m afraid.


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Her Majesty’s Courtiers

Meet her friends

A select few fellow dominant, superior women will join Her Grace’s service from time to time. These women will assist Her Grace in using, abusing and humiliating undeserving subjects.


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